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“...what is done with love is well done.” -Vincent Van Gogh

In these “unexpected” times, to say the least, Irina Shamaeva had a great idea. How about gathering great sourcing speakers and trainers and offer a, once in a lifetime, made with love, online sourcing learning day? Immediately, we said yes and here it is, the online sourcing learning day was born.

On May 6th, 2020, over 200 of your colleagues (representing 21 nations and over 100 companies) joined us to make the live event an exceptional success. We are now making video recordings and slides from all six talks available to those who weren’t able to attend live.

The Event Is Over, But The Opportunity Is Not

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Talks Included

Data Is Your Most Valuable Asset

Sourcing is the ability to identify data and engage proactively with people to convert them to candidates. Sourcing, to be effective, shall be a part of a more global approach towards data. In this talk, I will decompose all the aspects of talent attraction, see how to maximize, harvest, and handle people’s data with tools, techniques, and ideas.

Key Takeaways: Start this day with sourcing masterminds by having a crystal clear view of how sourcing embeds with employer branding and talent attraction, so as to maximize your impact.

When Sourcing meets OSINT

How tools and extensions used in OSINT have found there way to sourcing.

Key Takeaways: cool tools and insight in OSINT

GrowthHacking for Sourcers

In this online session Marcel will guide you through some Growth Hacking experiments.

Key Takeaways: Great automated workflows and some new tools

Facebook Sourcing 3.0

Facebook has recently again changed the search algorithm which gives some really cool opportunities to sourcers. Join Balazs on his new journey of searching the most out of Facebook!

Key Takeaways: How to use Facebook as LinkedIn 🙂

Social Sourcing

How efficiently do you source on Social Media?

When considering social sites to source from, you must determine where your target candidates can be found online. You must also understand the difference between “open” sites you can source from, and “closed” sites that you can’t.

In this talk, David presents an efficient methodology for identifying and evaluating social Sourcing targets in this talk. Then, he concludes by detailing the most productive ways to search, identify, and engage potential candidates across three of today’s top social sites!

Key Takeaways: 1) How to identify ‘social’ sites used by your target professionals. 2) How to efficiently evaluate social sites. 3) My evaluation of the top social sites used today.

‘Visualize Success’ as the Google Search Principle

When everyone searches on Google, they ask a question, and the first page has the answer. But Sourcers must search differently, by using terms they expect to find. “Get” the idea, and you are in business! Advanced operators will help and I will cover them.

Key Takeaways: Google-Fu, and the way Sourcers think while they search.

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Because this event will not repeat itself, we’re doing it for you guys and the knowledge dropped will be amazing. Your call, but it’s a no brainer innit?

Seriously, though, there are many conferences and events, but it’s rare to get this many top sourcing trainers together in one place. Rarer still for that place to be your living room “office”!

Can over 200 recruiters and sources from all over the globe (21 nations), including representatives from the world’s biggest brands (and 100s of others), be wrong? Of course not!

Curiosity killed the cat, but our digital pass brought him back.

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Speaker Bios

Irina Shamaeva
Irina ShamaevaPartner @ Brain Gain Recruiting & Founder @
Irina Shamaeva is a Partner and Chief Sourcer at Brain Gain Recruiting, blogger at Boolean Strings, creator and moderator of the world’s largest online community of Sourcers, and a world-class trainer providing webinars on Sourcing. Previously Irina was a Software Engineer and Manager at several start-ups and biotech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds a Master in Mathematics from Moscow University.
Kim Lokenberg
Kim LokenbergThe Kimeleon @ The Lokenbergs
After spending years in international advertising, Kim made the move to recruitment. Always been tech-savvy and eager to learn, Kim has been progressed from recruiter to Sourcer over the past five years. She enjoys taking on very complex assignments. Kim is also now a Registered OSINT Expert and licensed PI!
Gordon Lokenberg
Gordon LokenbergTalent Sourcing Specialist @ The Lokenbergs
Gordon became part of the recruitment industry about 20 years ago, and has worked on both Agency and Corporate sides at a global level. He has been training recruiters and salespeople on Internet skills since 2007. Gordon also launched one of the first Mobile Recruitment apps in 2009 and won the first global People Sourcing contest in 2012.
Guillaume Alexandre
Guillaume Alexandre Senior Talent Sourcing Specialist @ Gates Solutions
Guillaume Alexandre is French but lives and work in Geneva, Switzerland for the last 13 years. True sourcer at heart, he assists internal recruiters all around Europe to build Talent Pipelines, find and engage with potential candidates, most of them unicorns and purple squirrels. He also implements the Sourcing function, builds models and trains teams for multinational companies.
Marcel van der Meer
Marcel van der MeerGlobal Sourcing Lead @ Rabobank
Marcel is an independent sourcing contractor, currently working for the Rabobank as a Global Sourcing Lead and responsible for global sourcing and recruitment innovation within the bank. Besides that, he works as an independent trainer within his own company Klikwork and has trained hundreds of recruiters and sourcers to the next level in sourcing. Marcel has fifteen years of sourcing under his belt, with a focus on automation and growth.
David Galley
David GalleyDirector, Sourcing Training & Certifications @ Brain Gain Recruiting
David Galley is a self-described “Sourcing nerd” and enjoys digging deep into technical details, discovering information others may have missed. David heads up the development and delivery of the Sourcing Certifications Training Library and Certification Exams. He also runs custom on-site training programs for corporate teams and recruiting agencies.
Balazs Paroczay
Balazs ParoczayGlobal Sourcing Strategist @
Balazs Paroczay is a globally recognized Sourcing Leader, Keynote Speaker and Talent Acquisition Strategist. Over the last fifteen years, Balazs has been engaged with various global organizations helping them set up best-in-class sourcing functions and organization-wide sourcing capabilities. Balazs uses his experience helping Talent Acquisition teams improve their core sourcing and recruiting abilities to identify, attract and engage with critical talent. He excels at social networking and plays a significant role within the global sourcing communities as a sourcing thought leader, blogger and conference speaker (e.g. SourceCon, truLondon, European Sourcing Summit, UNLEASH, HRFEST etc.).